Monday, July 18, 2011

Miracle of Babies

I've just been thinking about what a miracle it is that babies are actually born. Think about how many things can go wrong when trying to get pregnant and then during a pregnancy. You're bodies hormones can be off, you can not be ovulating, you may have another health problem that impacts reproduction. Your spouse could have some reproductive problem. For one single sperm to actually enter an egg and start to make multiple cells as it travels down the fallopian tube. To not attach to the fallopian tube and cause an ectopic pregnancy. For the egg to safely attach to the uterine wall and not tear off. For the body to keep progesterone and other hormone levels regulated so your body doesn't keep releasing eggs and the fetus has a stable environment to grow. To not miscarry. For the cells to keep multiplying and form a living human. To realize that your body is housing another son or daughter of God and that's why you keep throwing up everywhere. To not lose all of the essential nutrients to keep life sustained when you're always sick. For the fetus to keep growing and to stay inside of the placenta without it rupturing. For the fetus to continue getting nourishment from the mother through the umbilical cord. For the heart to keep beating. For the umbilical cord to not wrap around the baby. For moms to stay healthy while producing an entire human within themselves for 9 months and still be able to function. To not have a stillbirth. For babies to be in a safe position for labor. For babies to survive labor and delivery without going into shock. To breathe and fill their lungs and be able to cry. To open their eyes. To feel the world around them. It's truly amazing!

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