Monday, July 18, 2011

Continue in Patience

I love that as part of work I can look through Mormon Messages, read and watch general conference talks and post them on blogs.

My hubby came home after the Priesthood Session and was really impacted by this talk. I finally watched it and it was amazing! We live in a world where so much is available, but I often find myself feeling like I deserve to have things instantly. I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's reference to wondering why he was running slower than those who were not following the Word of Wisdom when he knew the promise was that he could "run and not be faint" by keeping the commandments.

"God's promises are not always fulfilled as quickly as or in the way we might hope; they come according to His timing and His ways."

I told my husband I want to do the marshmallow test with our kids. He said it might be a bad idea because we might start to favor the child that puts off eating their marshmallow and always encourage them to do better just reinforcing what the study had found. He has a point! Smart man.

You can read a news story on the marshmallow test here or read the actual chapter regarding the study here.

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