Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good Deals on Diapers & Wipes (without any work)

That pretty much sums it up.

How Amazon Mom Works

  1. It's a completely free membership
  2. Sign up for qualifying Subscribe & Save Offers. This means that you can choose how often you'd like to receive an item. You can cancel a subscription at any time without difficulties or repercussions. If you need an extra delivery in between, you can request that, too!
  3. Get 30% off Diapers & Wipes, 15% of household/grocery and more!
  4. Get Free Standard Shipping!
  5. Everything delivered to your doorstep- usually within 2-5 days. It used to all be free 2-day shipping, but they recently got rid of that.... but it's still a great deal!
For an example, I currently have a subscription to Pampers Cruisers (186 Count) that I get monthly. It works out to be about .17/diaper which is pretty good for not having to do coupon clipping, deal searching and not having to leave my home. I also subscribe to Pampers SoftCare Wipes (720 Count) (.02/wipe) every 2-3 months (I switch it up as needed). We're Pampers fans around here!

Some current deals:

Not baby related.... but a good deal.
$2.07 Free Shipping HDMI Cable 2M (6 Feet)

I also have Swagbucks that I convert to gift cards and use those.

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