Saturday, February 9, 2013

Easy Money From Home: SWAGBUCKS

I'm sure most of you have heard about Swagbucks. I'd been hearing about it for a while, but finally tried it this past week. Just by searching the internet, doing a daily poll, and going through No Obligation Offers enough to earn a $5 Amazon gift card (450SB) and then some every month. They have a bunch of different prizes. You can look over them in the swag store and see if anything appeals to you.

I don't search for much on the internet. Some baby growth and development stuff, research, sports scores etc. and I still managed to earn plenty. They have a search toolbar you can download so it's directly on your browser. I have the drop down search menu so I can easily still switch over to Google for most of my real research.Some ways to earn swagbucks:

  • Sign up=30SB
  • Daily Poll=2SB/Day
  • No Obligation Offers (You literally hit skip, skip, skip and don't sign up or give any info)=2SB/Day
  • Toolbar=2SB/day when you open your browser
  • Profile= 70+SB
  • Using Coupons printed through their site
  • Surveys (Different ones every day)= I've seen anywhere from 10-50SB/Survey
  • Searching (doesn't matter what you search for)= Awarded randomly. 5-100SB. Fridays typically award larger amounts.
  • Swagcodes: You can check on facebook, twitter or the swidget (I have one down on the right)
  • Referrals= Whatever your referrals earn in their Open Searches you also get.
  • Buy Daily Deals (eversave, homerun etc) through swagbucks and get the deal PLUS swagbucks.
  • More Tips Here
This is my referral link-

My friend has a very thorough description of Swagbucks on her blog.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Anne Hathaway: "I Needed to Look Like I was Dying" for Les Mis

I'm grateful to see a story where an actress and actor are honest about their weight loss for a film (A film I have yet to actually see...)! They both talk about how it was miserable and unhealthy to lose weight the way they did and do not encourage it for others. I'm happy to see they are both looking healthy and happy after filming as well.

Check out Hugh Jackman & Anne Hathaway as they discuss preparing for their roles.

"I was an actor and I had to do a role and I find it kinda weird the way the media can glamorise this sort of thing.
"I didn't lose the weight to look attractive," added the Oscar and Bafta nominated star.
"I needed to look like I was dying and I worry that all that attention adds up to an unhealthy way."
There have been widely varying rumours as to how little Hathaway ate to portray the tragic character of Fantine. But when asked to clear those up, she said: 
"You know I appreciate the question, I don't want to answer it because I think that I was on a starvation diet to look like I was near death in a film and I don't want anyone to feel like,'Oh I just want to drop like a couple of pounds.'