Monday, March 19, 2012

Stake Conference Counsel

Our Stake President (LDS area leader) has asked that we remove all violent video games from your home. FYI: This is in a BYU Student Married Stake. This is the second time he's announced and suggested we do this on our homes. He used the updated For the Strength of Youth guidelines as well as a talk by Elder Bednar and a few other things and told us he felt really strongly that we should follow this counsel and we'd be blessed for our obedience and diligence. This would not be a difficult thing for me personally because I'm not really into the violent games to start with (and it doesn't hurt that I'm horrible at them anyway), but I have some married friends that play games together and my husband spends time playing a variety of video and computer games. Just got me thinking.

If your stake president asked you to remove all violent video games from your home,
What would you do and why?

Some of the quotes he used and the video he told us to watch in FHE:


Emily said...

I feel like that is an easy question- I would go straight home after the meeting, gather up all the video games in question and throw them in the trash. And I would not look back. I would do this because I believe that my leaders, both apostles and stake leaders, don’t give warnings lightly. And I know that if I follow their counsel it will only change my life for the better.

Marie said...

One of my professors @ BYU said he and his wife had a compromise where he would never bring a game that was rated anything more than E into the home. I don't think video games are all bad, but I do think media in all forms can set a huge tone for the home. It's definitely something to consider.

Emmy Rae said...

I think that this could actually be a little bit of a struggle. Being a spouse of an avid gamer, asking him to give up certain media things is difficult. We live in a world where many people have been desensitized to their surroundings. I have learned to pick and choose my battles. There are things that within the first year of marriage my husband and I both got rid of things that weren't inappropriate in nature, but there were elements that made one or the other of us uncomfortable. Then there are those things that to this day I still struggle with and at times really wish he would give them up. But since my husband has his free agency, I will let him make those decisions. I can't make them for him. So honestly, I don't think we would come right home and throw things away. I think we would discuss and reevaluate the content in our home. Because coming straight home and throwing something away to me, is unrealistic. Unless all parties involved are on the same page, it would almost do more damage than good.