Sunday, March 25, 2012

Duck Pond Adventures

Aidan had his first death-defying experience this past week. He was with a babysitter and they walked to the botany pond (aka the duck pond) a couple blocks away. The babysitter brought her 5 month old daughter with them and I went up to statistics class.

About twenty minutes into class I received a phone call from my babysitter where I heard Aidan screaming in the background. She informed me that he had fallen into the duck pond. She sounded horrified. I quickly called Aaron to see where he was and learned that he was just arriving home. I filled Aaron in and he quickly got off the phone.

I went back and sat in class for about a minute and explained to my friends what had happened. One mentioned that Aaron would be fine with Aidan and I was good to stay so I tried to concentrate for about thirty seconds and then realized I wanted to go home and be there for my baby. I packed up and left class.

I arrived home at the same time Aaron arrived back carrying Aidan in a towel.

I got the story from the babysitter.

They walked to the duck bond in the double stroller and had parked. Then they decided it would be fun to go and feed the ducks. She got Aidan and her daughter out and held her daughter. Aidan was eating a granola bar and would ask her to peel back the wrapper and then have a bite. He walked up by the side and was interacting with another toddler boy as they were each trying to feed the ducks. Aidan leaned over to hand his granola bar to the duck and share and toppled over!

He fell onto a rock right in the middle of his face. He scratched up his nose, bruised his forehead and had scratches on his lips and tongue. He then continued to fall over on his back into the pond. His bum was sinking, but he managed to keep his head and feet up.

The dad of Aidan's toddler friend jumped in after Aidan as soon as he hit the rock! He grabbed him and pulled him out of the water and stripped his wet, cold clothes off. Aidan had maybe gone under water for a split second. My babysitter said she didn't even have time to act before this guy jumped in after Aidan.

I am SO SO grateful for this man that jumped in after Aidan without even thinking twice about it! It's amazing that there are still people out there that would perform such heroic acts in our every day life.

He loves to hold his toes

Aidan LOVES wearing Aaron's gear!
My thoughts related to this incident...
  1. I am so sad that I was in class and missed Aidan's first death defying moment. I am looking forward to many days home with him. It makes me ache a little bit to know that I won't always be able to rescue him or be there for him when he gets hurt.
  2. I love Aidan and Aaron so much. It hurt me to see him bloody and in so much pain. Aaron was amazing to sprint to the pond with towel in hand. He knew just what to do to keep Aidan calm and nurse him back to health by cleaning his owies.
  3. On a spiritual/hypothetical side, I am grateful that I know that I have somebody who will "jump in and save me" if ever I am struggling or close to drowning. I know that I have a living Savior who gave his life for me and is willing to help me whenever I need him. He doesn't even think twice about whether I deserve it or not. I am grateful that He was watching out for Aidan and the babysitter and everybody else involved. A million things could have gone wrong or been worse and Aidan walked away with no broken bones and just a few minor scrapes and bruises.


Karen said...

Oh, so sad! I'm so sorry that happened, but am so glad that so many people were there to help him. I'm glad he's okay.

On a reminiscent note: I love the duck pond! We walked there many times. I remember one specific fall day (Ethan was about the same age as Aidan now). He was climbing on the "amphitheater seats/steps" and just kept saying, "quack, quack" over and over again. I'm not doing any justice to how adorable it was in my writing, but in my head it makes me smile as I did that day. And to think, he's 5!! Goes so fast!

bec said...

I stumbled onto your website looking for FHE ideas for our toddler. You can imagine my surprise when I realized that THAT WAS MY HUSBAND! We were all there the day of your son's accident and we were worried that something more might have happened. It looked pretty nasty. I'm glad to hear that he's doing well and I can honestly say - it's a small world!

bec said...

P.S. We haven't been back to the duck pond since!!