Monday, January 30, 2012

Successful Day

Yesterday was kind of a downer day for me so today I decided to be productive to ease some stress.

Last night, I made Orange Chicken and Baked Egg Rolls and it was an amazingly successful meal that disappeared by the end of the night.

Aidan woke up at 7:45 this morning so we decided to make breakfast for Aaron before he got home from work. We made Whole Wheat Pancakes with banana and also had eggs and sausage. I made a large batch and froze some of them and saved some of the dry mix for next time.

I then went on a quick run with a friend. Meaning, we jogged to the track and then got kicked off the track after a lap and jogged the longer way home and played with our kids a bit.

Aidan was then ready for his nap so I went and showered while he was still in there talking to himself. He fell asleep shortly after I got out of the shower. Then I put together some frozen pizza with this great recipe. You make the dough and then roll it out to a crust and bake the crust at 500 for 4 minutes. This ensures that it will stay flat. Then take it out, let it cool and put the sauce, cheese and toppings on. Wrap it in plastic wrap and stick it in the freezer. To cook it you just put it in the oven as it preheats to 425 and then cook for about 10 minutes. Awesome-right? So I made 4 pizzas for future last minute meals. And then I put a roast in the crock pot for tonight's dinner.

I also washed all of the dishes. My sinks were totally and completely empty. Heck yes! It's a joke around here that my kitchen is only clean right before I cook.
Aidan's becoming a good helper in the kitchen.
Aidan woke up from his nap and we played for a bit and then went to the store. He is so dang energetic.

We came back and played some more. Aidan sometimes breaks out singing La La La La from Elmo's World. He's loving the L sound right now. He also said spaghetti today, but it sounded more like "Ghetti". Love that boy so much. He asked for "nilk" and to go "nigh nigh" so I put him down for his second nap- which I'm pretty sure he never actually fell asleep for. He was only quiet for about 15 minutes.

I had bought some containers to organize my baking ingredients and took care of that while he was "asleep" and also made laundry detergent. It made my house smell good, but I'm pretty sure I went to statistics class smelling like soap. This recipe made a bunch for very little money and only takes 1 Tbs per load. I'm guessing it'll last quite a while. It has great reviews. I'm hoping it'll work well for us.

I love baking and being productive and setting things up for the future and feeling somewhat organized!

The only thing that would have made together would be if Aaron had been awake and hanging out with us, too.

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Karen said...

AWESOME day!! I love those days.