Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Americans Growing Intolerant of Children?

A restaurant in Pittsburg recently banned children under 6 from their restaurant.
"They've just become too much of a bother to other customers...This is a three-part issue. One is the increasing number of small babies that can’t be controlled. They can’t be quiet and really they can’t be expected to.” The second factor is kindergarten-aged kids who “have shown increasingly poor manners.” And lastly he blames parents, who “act like we’re the ones being offensive” when staff members ask them to calm their children down.
A survey at the bottom of the article says 44% would like to have all children removed from all restaurants. 3% say no, never. The remaining 53% say it depends on the restaurant.

There have been airlines recently to ban children from areas of the aircraft and are talking of banning children from certain flights completely.

I also read an article about how permissive parents breed bratty children. It states that children aren't to be treated as the "center of the universe" and how if you're a good parent you wouldn't have to repeat yourself more than once. The author says they don't want to hear your child on an airplane, in a restaurant or in a grocery store. Yes, sure, it'd be nice to go to the grocery store child-free sometimes, but really?! The real kicker here is that the author has children.

I don't know about you, but I can't always predict what mood by child's going to be in. We might have to rush dinner really fast. I doubt that he will always listen to me the first time I ask him to do something or that "the look" will get him to do what I want. There's only so much as a parent that I can "control". Every kid has his/her own temperament and tolerance. This is even evident as a newborn.

I think that our children should be the center of our universe. We should teach them manners. We should teach them true principles. We should be good examples to them. We should encourage them to be socially active and expose them to varying aspects and environments in the world. We should be with them as much as possible and show and share our unconditional love for them.

I realize this is a bit scatter-brained, but it was just so interesting to me and I had to get something out about it.

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Emily said...

This is really about the "little adult assumption" where people believe that children can be expected to act like little adults...which, of course, is completely ridiculous! Its like society makes these loops....everyone believes in the little adult assumption...surprise! research indicates that children can't realistically be expected to act like adults....wait! now we want them to act like adults again and will not tolerate childlike behavior. So silly! People with children should spend their time and money supporting businesses that positively encourage families and not waste their time, money or energy on places like that!

Karen said...

I agree with the comment above. I also feel like the "No Children Allowed" is a way that Satan is attacking the family. Why would people want to have children if they wouldn't be allowed to take them places? They could start thinking, "you know, that sign reminds me that children can be quite a handful and maybe I think I'll just pass on that...." I don't know if that make sense. As Emily stated, parents just need to invest their time and support of businesses where the whole family is invited.