Thursday, January 17, 2013

WANTED: Positive VBAC & Doula Stories

I'm planning on a vbac with this baby. I have yet to hear some positive stories. Most people just say "ooooh, I know so-and-so that tried that she ended up having another c-section" Sooooo, send me your positive stories! How did it go?

I labored for about an hour with Aidan after my water broke, but I think I was only around 4-5cm when I got the epidural/spinal to undergo surgery for the c-section. I remember being in pain, not wanting to move and shaking like crazy and then after the spinal, feeling like I was on the verge of blacking out (death in my mind) and not even being able to talk really. It's all kind of a blur. I think I was fine until they started telling me that I'd likely need a c-section and all of the prep happened for that. So, I don't have much memory of the labor I did endure. I'm planning on getting an epidural and I have a friend that has offered to be my doula if we decide on that. So, also, positive experiences with a doula?

And go!


Emily said...

Devon's preschool teacher has five children and she was just telling me the other day that she ended up with an emergency c-section with number four and then did a v-bac with number five and had a WONDERFUL experience. So, don't worry because there is hope.

Heidi said...

I know 2 of my friends had successful vbac's. One of them has had multiple c-sections too.

Jamie said...

My best friend had an emergency C-section with number 1. Her doctor did not want her to do a vbac with number 2, and she didn't fight it, so she had a schedulded c section with number 2. Really wanted a vbac for number 3 and found a doctor that would (actually a mid-wife). She had a wonderful vbac with abosolutly no complications. Her doctor told her her uterus is completly healed and should plan on vaginal deliveries for her others (she has not had another one yet).

Kara said...

I had a c-section with #1, vbac with #2, c-section with #3, and vba2c with my twins. Currently planning another vba2c. You can read my stories at :)

Rosa said...

My sister and sister in law both have had multiple VBACs. All successful. You'll do great!

*Meg Larsen* said...

you need this book:

AMAZING. did you know Deanna Jensen in the the 201st? She had a VBAC with her second and her story is included in here.

Seriously, a great, inspiring, "why do we even do this?" read. Full of birth stories and gospel essays to put the importance of birth in an LDS perspective. And it's not about a "right" type of labor or birth so it doesn't push an agenda, just an awareness of your importance in the big plan.