Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Cramping Your Style?

Read the first article as well as the comments and then read the second article.

Isn't a Baby Supposed to Cramp Your Style?

So You Have a Baby: Is it the end of life as you know it?

Basically, it's just opinions on bringing your baby out or keeping him or her in. Just opinions and everybody has their own.

Here are some of mine:
We were quarantined for the first 6 months of Aidan's life per doctor recommendation and it was horribly lonely. But, at times, I did like the excuse not to have to go out and be social and just focus on Aidan and Aaron. Even now, Aidan is much happier when we aren't running around most of the day.

I think date night with your spouse without baby is really important. I like to go out with Aaron without Aidan. At other times I like to go out with both of them. I don't usually mind babies at restaurants (not that we each at high end places), but I do mind when babies are in movie theaters crying or toddlers are running around in there. An added bonus of cry it out around 6 months was an established bed time for Aidan so Aaron and I could have time together. There's a reason 2/3 of marriages have a decline in marital satisfaction after their first baby's birth and a lot of it has to do with not spending meaningful time together. I wonder if babies that are often traveling around on mom's errands are often found to have flat head syndrome as suggested here. I think Aidan's sleep habits, growth and development are meant to be honored and his needs should come before my own which means I sacrifice going to the gym regularly for going on walks with a stroller and sacrifice hours surfing blogs for time playing on the ground doing hide and seek with Aidan. That's just my opinion though.

What do you think about baby etiquette? Bring baby out? Get a babysitter? Depends on when and where?

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